About Us

Adalitek Group is a Global IT Solutions provider with its core competency in the fields IT Consulting, Software development, Training and Networking skills to offer a wide range of value added services for enterprises with standard based solutions and State of the art implementation. We specialise In

  1. IT Consulting and Development

  2. Snowflake Cloud

  3. ETL and BI

  4. Network Engineering


  6. SAP Professionals

  7. Appian Workflows Consultants

  8. Cobal/Mainframe Engineers

  9. Java and UI Services

  10. AI and Machine Learning

  11. CRM Experts

  12. Training

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Adalitek Group's mission is to achieve clear leadership and excellence in the field of software development and consultancy services. We will continually expand and improve service delivery to our clients. Adalitek Group is an organization whose management is clearly focused on its responsibility to maintain a fiscally sound company, but will never permit that focus to diminish its responsibility to the delivery of exceptional service to their clients

We will attract and retain high performing talent. We will maintain a clear and unified focus on our mission and objectives. We are committed to provide a workplace environment that values discipline, innovation and creativity to achieve results. We will offer a cooperative, performance-based compensation package for highly skilled professionals. To retain valued employees, we will identify and develop talent based on merit, and promote and encourage the professional growth of all employees by rewarding performance

We believe strongly that our mission stays focused when we keep our customers' goals in mind, provide cost effective and creative solutions; apply time-tested management principles and hire the very best available employees. Our distinct competitive advantage is our multidisciplinary approach, characterized by technological and business experience and delivered by world-class programmers, administrators, integrators, project managers, communication engineers and business analysts.

We pledge to our customers the highest level of service. Because we can only keep our customer's goals in mind if we are listening to our customers, we are fully committed to developing strong, long-term relationships with our customers. Because effective and innovative solutions and time-testing management principles are the hallmark of experienced professionals, we will hire the very best available. Because the very best employees must be retained, we will provide strong benefits and a positive work environment.

We pledge to our employees a challenging and rewarding workplace that encourages learning, respects personal integrity, is sensitive to personal circumstances and recognizes performance and accomplishments. We owe our success to the more than 100 professionals that we have recruited. In fact, our superior and dedicated staff is what has enabled us to achieve high growth every year, besides winning industry recognition as a dependable and honorable company.

"Adalitek Group vision for the new millennium is to attain leadership in delivering highest quality solutions to our clients globally." We at Adalitek Group have a vision encompassing consistent, high quality, creative and cost-effective leadership in the field of Information Technology services. Four carefully conceived ideas guide this vision : Our Mission, Philosophy, A Commitment to our Customers and Commitment to our Employees. The following brief sections outline these ideas. We are devoted to delivering quality Information Technology consulting and staffing services, while satisfying and surpassing the expectations of those we serve. Our goal is to provide you with the IT infrastructure you need to achieve and exceed your goals. We do this through a passionate pursuit of shared principles.

We constantly strive to explore new ideas and leading-edge methods as we seek to develop our unique talents

We stand by our promises and honor our commitments to others.

We promote an environment in which individuals are encouraged to openly share ideas and information. We listen to suggestions with an open mind.

We join our colleagues and partners in the spirit of cooperation and synergy to realize shared objectives. These valued relationships maximize our contributions, while adding new perspectives and experiences to our lives, in turn, adding to our professional growth.

We recognize each person's uniqueness and the importance of career, family and relaxation.

We strive for our community's collective well being. Through our combined efforts and moral resources we work to shape a positive society

Specialized Skills

Adalitek Group builds and manages the IT infrastructures that enable companies to collaborate like market leaders. Our company's unique combination of specialized skills in technical and managerial services, network infrastructure, application integration and e-Business services means we can provide the solutions our customers need to partner seamlessly.

Application Network

Adalitek Group is uniquely positioned to integrate and manage all the different technologies, standards and applications that make up today's collaborative infrastructure. The convergence of two IT disciplines: application development and integration, and network infrastructure has resulted in a new type of intelligent network - an application network. These allow companies to create a broad information infrastructure by connecting components internal and external to an enterprise making it simpler for businesses to work together seamlessly.


We also bring value to our clients through Multi-Sourcing, which is our ability to coordinate a combination of local, onshore and offshore resources to deliver Adalitek Group solutions. By matching resources and locations, Multi-Sourcing enables us to provide top level skills at competitve costs.

Our Clients